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Here you will find EVERYTHING you need to maximize your profits and make tons of money selling the Save The Marriage course.

Here you'll find Banner Ads, Articles, Pay Per Click Help, Ad texts, and more!

But before we get started, let me give a brief breakdown of the product you will be promoting:

1. This product has been available since 2001.  It was written by an expert in the field, not a marketer.  It was designed to save marriages, not simply to have a product to sell.  You can feel good about what you are doing!  You will be saving marriages, and making money.

2. The return rates for this product, sense it is not fluff, are incredibly low.  That means sales will stay in your pocket.  Oh, and our conversion rates, depending on the advertising used, keywords, etc, range from 2 to 26%.

3. The product includes two excellent ebooks, several special reports, and a couple of recordings. Plus the customer receives a free email consultation.  We do everything we can to help someone save their marriage.  I will do the same for you trying to make money!

4. We pay you 65% of the price.  The current price is $49.97.  


Point blank:  This is one of the FEW websites out there you can actually make money as an affiliate.

Don't waste thousands of dollars testing other ones... 

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money NOW.

Ok, so here is how this works:

My affiliate program is handled through  If your not familiar with Clickbank, they're the biggest online billing center for downloadable products.  They're great, pay on time, and super easy to setup with.

So if you haven't signed up, go here ten click on "SIGN UP" at the bottom of the page:

Once you have your account nick name, your affiliate link will be:

Obviously, replace "YOURID" with your clickbank ID.

Once you have your affiliate link, you can advertise via banner ads on your website, do mass emails promoting your affiliate site, or use "pay per click" advertising with companies like Google.


Using pay per click advertising like Google Adwords, Yahoo, or many others, you can quickly bring customers to your affiliate site.

You may notice that I have not provided you with a list of keywords.  I don't do this for one specific reason:  if I did so, every affiliate would have the same limited list.  That would drive the cost of each keyword up, would not be helpful to you, and would destroy any chance of making money.  

My job is to be honest with you.  The way for you to make money is to find the keyword list that makes sense to you.  It isn't hard, but there are some resources you can use.  

The first one I would recommend is free:  Good Keywords

From there, Google has a good tool once you have set up a campaign.  Their suggestions are usually spot-on, so take advantage of that.

Do remember that Pay Per Click can be expensive, so TEST!   Clickbank will let you use a tracking code.  Definitely do this!


I've had 2 sets of banners made in the most common sizes.




And below are a number of banner ads you may use in your campaigns.  You can save them by Right clicking and choosing "Save", "Save As. . ." or "Save Target As. . ."  and when you use the banner, you will want to link with your Clickbank affiliate link.

120 x 600 Banner

160 x 600 Banner

250 x 250 Banner

300 x 250 Banner

336 x 280 Banner


Writing articles is a cheap and easy way of promoting this product.  Actually, it's more than just "cheap"... it's totally free.

This doesn't cost you a dime... and can rank very well in the search engines.

But, you should know it is NOT as effective as using Pay Per Click.   (We recommend you do BOTH!)

Here are the major "article submission" websites you can use:




There are a TON more out there.  Click here for a list via Google.

I've written some quick articles for you. 

But please note:  I would recommend you rewrite them (even if you do it one sentence at a time) so they won't show up as "duplicate content" by Google and Yahoo.

You can find more useful content from my blog: Save The Marriage Blog

Here they are:



Many people have done extremely well promoting our site without spending a dime.

These tactics CAN work, but typically they won't yield near as much money in your pocket as Pay Per Click.

Regardless, I recommend you do this AS WELL as doing pay per click.  That way you truly dominate the market from every angle!

So here's a few free techniques you can do right now:

1) Write a review of of the our course with your affiliate link at the end.  You can post these for free on review sites like, and

2) Make a free blog with a site like  On your blog talk about our site, then use a site like so your blog shows up in major search engines.  Obviously have your affiliate link on this as well!

3) Check out this killer Press Release site,  Post a review of the our product on here with your link.  You can also pay them $80 and they will make sure your Press Release is put on ALL major search engines.

4) Post videos on and Google Video about our website, and include your affiliate link.

6) Make a review site about similar products and include a review of our product (This works really well right now with all the google slaps going on!).

8) Use "Social Networking" sites like,,, and to promote your affiliate link and build up a network of friends!

Ok, so that's it for now.  Time to get to work and start making some money!


Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

 P.S. - If you have any questions, please email use:  [email protected]