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Refund Policy

Solution People often ask about our refund policy, so let me make it clear: We offer a full 60 day refund policy. We give you 60 days to try out the material and see what might happen.

There is only 1 clause to that policy: you MUST actually use and apply the material for a full 30 days before you qualify. In other words, you are not eligible for a refund until you apply the material for a full month.

At that point, you still have a full month to work on it.

Here is the reason for this policy: the best material, not applied, does nothing to help you. I guarantee the results, and the only way to see what is possible is to really try it out. Not just a quick read, or a quick assumption that it won't work. It must be applied.

Sometimes people say "I already know some of that." But does that mean they have applied it? Usually not. Knowing and doing are different things.

So, since we guarantee results, it is up to you to apply the material for a full month, and up to 60 days, to see what might happen.
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